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Crystal Car Charm

Crystal Car Charm

Handmade braided crystal for car rearview mirror! Yarn color is interchangable, so pick your favorite to match the crystal that calls you!


*Can be made WITH or WITHOUT matching beads*Beads are different in shape and size - depends on crystal chosen

*Crystals vary in size


Crystals (in order of pictures)

  • Rose Quartz : Furthers and strengthens all types of love, fosters unconditional love and faith, promotes joy and emotional healing, strengthens hope, helps overcome despair, instills calm and peacefulness
    • Associated with the root and heart chakra
  • Black Obsidian : Supports grounding, clears blockages in the root chakra, absorbs negative energy, calms griefs, provides strength and energy, exposes negative emotions, provides spiritual and emotional protection
    • Associated with the root chakra
  • Citrine : Promotes self-esteem, prosperity and abundance, enhances creativity, turns negative energy into positive energy, encourages generosity, protects against self-destructive tendencies
    • Associated with the solar plexus chakra
  • Amethyst : Enhances intuition, calms the mind and spirit, supports sobriety, treats insomnia, promotes better sleep, supports connection to the spirital realm and higher self
    • Associated with the third eye and crown chakra

    Custom orders are only able to be returned for a full refund and replacement if they are damaged or broken upon arrival.


    Envelope Shipping: $2
    (Items that are small enough to fit in a standard sized envelope)

    Standard Shipping: $4

  • SIZE

    Roughly 14in long

Yarn Color