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Custom LED Portrait

Custom LED Portrait

Customize an LED Acrlyic Sign with an outlined portrait of your choosing! You may add any quote, date, names, etc. that will add the extra touch to your new sign. Great decoration for bedroom, living room, shop, etc. 


Pictures can be sent using chat function, instagram, twitter, or facebook. Picture can be full body or shoulder up, but must not have any body parts cut off, and the higher quality, the better. A sketch will be sent for approval before etching begins. 


The LED base can change between 16 colors and has different flash/fade modes. 

LED base is powered by (3) AA batteries (not included), or USB cable (included).

Base can be black or white, and an option to personalize is available!


Remote Function:

16 color lights, 4 flash modes, on/off, and brightness adjustment 


Touch Switch Function:
7 color lights, colorful dimmer, on/off


Please be specific when filling out the details. If you have any questions please use the chat function, or reach out to us on facebook, instagram, or twitter.


    Custom orders are only able to be returned for a full refund and replacement if they are damaged or broken upon arrival.


    Envelope Shipping: $2
    (Items that are small enough to fit in a standard sized envelope)

    Standard Shipping: $4

  • SIZE

    Acrylic Sign :
    7 in x 4.8 in
    2mm thick

    Base :
    3.66 in x 1.5 in 

Base Color
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